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School Lunches


Parents can choose what their child has for lunch each day using our LunchHound ordering system. Payments for school lunches can be made via the ParentMail app.  Current prices are £2.40 per day or £12 per week. When the children enter the hall at lunchtime, they simply tap the photo of themselves and their lunch is prepared for them there and then.

How to log in to LunchHound 

Signing Up and Logging In

Log in using one of the following options: 

  • Facebook, Google or Microsoft account holders– choose the appropriate provider from the selections displayed. The email address associated with your provider must be the same as the one you have registered with the school, if this is not the case it will be necessary to; change the email address registered with your provider, change the email address registered with the school or log into LunchHound with a ‘Stand-Alone’ account (see below). Please note that using your Facebook, Google or Microsoft account to identify yourself does NOT give us access to that account.

  • Stand-Alone Account – follow these steps:

    • Select SIGN-IN

    • If you have not previously registered, click the ‘Sign Up Now’ link below the blue Sign In button and follow the instructions. Please note that you will need to enter the verification code sent to your email address in order to verify your account. 

To Book a Lunch 

To book a lunch, simply click your child’s choice, by selecting ‘BOOK’, on each day they would like a lunch. On a mobile, click the purple ‘calendar’ icon to book. If the system does to allow you to select a lunch or one of the available choices for a particular date, it will be for one of the following reasons:

  • You have previously indicated that your child should not have a lunch on that day of the week. Please contact the school and ask them to adjust your meal pattern.

  • There is no meal service on that date (e.g. a school holiday – this will be indicated)

  • Your child is allergic to one of the ingredients in the school meal – the allergens will be listed if this is the case.

  • Your school has closed booking for this date, or booking is not yet open. The school runs a booking window (e.g. you must book a certain number of days in advance and can book up to a number of weeks in advance)



LunchHound is unable to prevent the selection of items your child is allergic to unless this information is already held in the schools management information system. Please ensure this is up to date directly with the school.


Support with Logging in

Please check with the school if you do not know what email address they hold for you- this will be needed for log-in purposes.

After verifying that the school does hold your correct email address, if you are still experiencing log-in issues, please contact 

Medical Diets and Requirements

The process for requesting a medical diet for your child has now been digitalised. The following points explain the new process.

1. If your child requires a medical diet due to a food allergy, food intolerance or a medical condition that requires an adapted menu (e.g. carbohydrate count for Type 1 Diabetes), please follow this link to request a medical diet:

2. Fill in the form ensuring all data fields are completed. Before you complete the form, you will need to know the postcode of your child’s school. You will also need to upload a recent photograph of your child.

3. You will need to provide medical evidence in the form of a letter from a GP, paediatrician, or dietitian if your child has allergies that fall outside of the top 14 allergens or, if your child has a medical condition requiring an adapted menu. For further guidance on completing the online form, please see the attached user guide.

4. After you have clicked the ‘submit’ button, the system will send you an automated email containing a link which you must click on to verify your email address.

5. Once you have verified your email address, the system will notify your child’s school of your request and will ask them to confirm your child’s details. After the school have approved the request, we will send you another notification email to inform you that your request has been sent to our dietitians for processing. You will then receive a confirmation email when the request has been processed by our dietitians. The school office will be provided with a copy of your child’s medical diet menu within 2 weeks of your initial request, which they will pass on to you.


Kindly note, that paper requests will no longer be accepted. If you have any queries, please contact the school office.

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