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WOW Walk to School


This year we are taking part in Living Streets' 'Walk to School' campaign. All this year, our children will be taking part in this walk to school challenge. Pupils log their daily journeys to school each day on the WOW Travel Tracker and those that walk to school at least once a week for a month earn a WOW badge, with 11 to collect across the year.



Each year, the 11 WOW badges follow a new theme, all of which are designed by pupils in an annual badge design competition. This year's theme is 'Walk the Americas'. Each badge is made in the UK from recycled yoghurt-pots.


There is also an augmented reality app that brings the badges to life. Parents/Carers can download the app for FREE via the App store, Google Play and Amazon.


For more information, visit the WOW Walk to School website by clicking HERE.

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