At Armitage, we have a range of programmes to help support children's social and emotional development. Look at the categories below to find out more about what we offer.


After every break time and lunchtime all children across the school take part in relaxation exercises. Most exercises involve listening to relaxing music. Whilst the music is playing a variety of exercises can be done; controlled breathing, self massage, peer massage etc. These exercises allow the children to regain focus and give them time to settle after what may have been an over exciting break time. The children really enjoy elements of relaxation and find themselves feeling calm and focused when it is time to work. 

Therapeutic Interventions.

At Armitage we run a variety of therapeutic interventions aimed at improving the wellbeing of the children, parents and staff at our school. We provide therapeutic support for individuals and groups, helping children to improve their self esteem, develop social skills and deal with their emotions.

A special therapeutic room in the school is set aside for therapeutic work. This space is serviced by a Massage Therapist and an Art Therapist, who are professionally qualified and trained to work within this setting.

Therapeutic Gardening.

We run a therapeutic gardening program at Armitage that gets children outside the classroom and gets hands on with nature. It gives children a platform to develop their self confidence and to work cooperatively with others. It also teaches children that working hard has it's rewards.

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