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We have provided the children of Armitage with a wide range of first hand experiences that they might otherwise not have the opportunity to take part in. This has ensured that children are exposed to a rich literate environment used to develop spoken and written vocabulary and an inspirational hook and focus for their learning.

A holistic approach is provided to ensure Pupil Premium is also being used to support children and families who require social or emotional support.  There are a wide range of specific academic interventions and activities for individual and groups of children including sports to promote a healthy lifestyle. 





KS1 Attainment 2014/2015

KS1 Attainment by free school meal eligibility:

KS1 Attainment by free school meal eligibility Ever 6 - a child has been eligible for FSM over the last six years:

Phonics Results for Year One 2014/15:

73.7% of pupils in Year 1 supported by Pupil Premium met the required standard for the Phonics Screening Check compared to the LA of 67.8%.


Our KS1 results show that attainment is above LA figures for Phonics (Pupil premium). In fact Pupil Premium children perform better than Non Pupil Premium children. (+3.4%).

Key Stage Two Attainment 2014/15 by free school meal eligibility:

Attainment 2014/15 Level 4+



77.8% of pupils supported by Pupil Premium at the end of KS2 attained Level 4+ combined Maths, Reading and Writing, higher than the LA percentage 70.5%.

100% of pupils supported by Pupil Premium at the end of KS2 attained Level 4+ in Reading, higher than the LA percentage 80.3%.

100% of pupils supported by Pupil Premium at the end of KS2 attained Level 4+ in Maths, higher than the national percentage 81.9%.


As there were only 9 children in this cohort (one third) eligible for pupil premium, each child is worth 11%. This needs to be taken into consideration when analysing the figures above. 




Total of £291,240.  This is made up of pupil premium money and additional funds from the budget to support children.


LAC – Looked after child.

APS – average point score – we expect Key Stage One and Key Stage Two children to make an average of 3.5aps each year (15/16).

LA – Local Authority.


Forward Planning for 2015-16:


Plans for how the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) will be spent are outlined below:


* To raise attainment and progress for certain groups of children who have shown that they need extra support.

* To accelerate progress for all children to raise ‘on track’ in light of the new curriculum.

* To continue to improve the quality of teaching and learning so that all lessons are good and at least 40% of teaching provision is outstanding.

* To provide full time Nursery education for 52 children (only 15 hours funding received per child).

* To try a new way of teaching Numeracy, so that children become much more confident in number.

* To provide quality music experiences for children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

* To provide daily learning opportunities for children new to English.

* To ensure that children experience positive and enjoyable play at lunchtimes.

* To give all the children in KS1 and KS2 the opportunity to be taught each week by an experienced French teacher.

* To provide quality Therapeutic interventions for children across the school.


Please come and speak to me if you would like any further information on registering your child for free school meals – this does bring more money into the school that can support the many projects we put in place.  Your child does not need to have a school dinner for you to register.


If you complete the pupil premium paperwork with the school, then you will receive a free school jumper for your child.


Kind Regards,

Gaynor Stubbs


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