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Chair of Governors - Phillip Geldard

The Role of Armitage Governors:


Armitage CE Primary School, as do all state schools, has a Governing Body that is made up of a number of volunteers.  Our Governors have many differing life experiences and work roles outside of school, for example, community roles, parents, church etc – this is key, as you are able to gain a different perspective from a range of people.

The Governing Body meets six times a year to review school improvement and to support the school in making those difficult decisions as to our next steps.  The Governing Body is split into committees that also meet through the year to look at key areas of school management eg finance, performance management of staff, pupil progress etc. 

The role of a Governor: 

  • To have an understanding of the school – an overview gained from being in school, attending Governors and understanding how school priorities have been decided.  

  • To support good things that happen in school and to help good things happen.

  • To keep up to date and to see all aspects of school life to

    • Test what’s real/seeing is believing

    • Know who to speak to about anything

  • To ask questions and bring new eyes.

  • To bring life experience to the role.

  • To say things that others might want said.


The Attendance of Armitage Governors:


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