Pupil Premium 2016-2018


There are a wide range of specific, academic and therapeutic interventions that the Pupil Premium Grant has enabled the school to provide. Children have had the opportunity to engage in a wide range of first hand experiences, that they would have been unlikely to experience otherwise. This has impacted positively on their spoken and written vocabulary, as well as their social and emotional well-being. A holistic approach is provided to ensure that the Pupil Premium Grant is also being used to support children and families that require social/emotional support.  Full details of the impact is documented in the following report.


The main barriers for our school are:


Social Deprivation – The IDACI shows that 90% of the school’s population is in the top 20 percent of most the deprived postcode areas in England. The proportion of pupils in the highest 3 bands of the ACORN Classification is significantly higher than local statistics.

Transience – Between 20% and 57% for each class (Nursery to Year 6)

Absence (including Persistent Absence)

English as an Additional Language – 50%

Lack of Parental Engagement

Very low Baseline on entry to Nursery partially due to lack of local 2-year-old provision 

Children understanding the most effective strategies they use to aid their learning



The impact data provided in this report includes both Pupil Premium and Non-Pupil Premium children as we have taken a whole school approach to raising standards.  The final section of this document provides an overview of the priorities for the coming year (2017/18) and the actions that will take place to address these. Full details of this are included in our School Improvement Plan.


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