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Multi Agency Work

Here at Armitage, we work with a number of external agencies to seek advice and support to ensure that the needs of all children are fully understood and met. These include: completing a SEN referral form or an Early Help Assessment (EHA) to identify the right support for a family which could lead to a Multi-agency Team Around the Child (TAC) meetings for pupils.


Educational Psychologist

Children can sometimes face learning, social and emotional problems and Educational Psychologists are there to help. They can give the school advice, observe and work with children to help them overcome difficulties that may be preventing them from learning to the best of their ability.


Speech and Language Therapist

Speech and language therapists identify, assess and support speech, language, communication and swallowing needs of children, playing a vital role in supporting the school to meet the needs of these children. They play a key role in diagnosis of children with different speech, language and communication needs.


School Nurse

The nurse works in school to check on children’s general health and growth. They can liaise between school and a child’s doctor and make referrals where needed. The nurse also works closely with families to support with children’s health and well-being.


Sensory support service

The Manchester Sensory Support Service supports children in Manchester with a hearing or vision need from birth to leaving school. They provide advice and develop good practice for children with a sensory need.



Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service offers support to parents, carers, school and young people with severe mental health issues.



PCSO Blurb - Darren Link drop in session Sat 11?


Some of the support they can provide:


Advice on support

Diagnosis of mental disorders (ADHD, ASD)

Therapeutic work with young people to treat their complex mental health difficulties

If you feel you or your child need further support from these outside agencies please speak to a member of the family team.


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