Learning Mentor 





















As a Learning Mentor, I offer support and guidance to children to help improve their learning and well-being. Some of the reasons I might work with children are:

  • To improve confidence and self-esteem.

  • To help children to overcome problems that affect their ability to learn.

  • To practice social and communication skills.

  • To foster special talents and interests.

  • To help children express themselves and talk about their feelings.


The support I offer is closely tailored to individual children, to meet their needs and build upon their strengths, and can involve wide range of different activities.


These include therapeutic arts and crafts, roleplaying, circle time, boardgames, literacy and numeracy support, support in tests and examinations, sensory work, woodwork, science, Lego therapy, computing and out-of-school trips.


I also occasionally dress up like a wally and tell stories in a shouty voice in assembly.


"Hi, I’m Mr Allan. I’m a Learning Mentor. It’s my job to support you when you need a little extra help. That might be help with learning, or feelings, or friends, or anything else. I will make time for you if you want to talk, whether you have a problem or just want a chat. Oh, and if something breaks, bring it to me and I will try and help you fix it."