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Keeping Safe Curriculum


Our main priority as a school is to ensure that we work together to keep our children safe and we do this in multiple ways. One of the ways is to provide opportunities within our curriculum where the children learn about different ways to keep themselves safe.


We have a strong Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum in place which is taught in all year groups where there is the opportunity to discuss relevant issues with the children. We incorporate the Rights Respecting articles into our PSHE Curriculum so that children have a full understanding of their rights which underpin the ethos within the curriculum. Specific age appropriate topics are covered throughout the school and these include such themes as: Mental Health and Well-being, People who help us, Healthy relationships, Social Media safety, drug and alcohol abuse, Relationships, Stranger Danger Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command and E-Safety. Children are encouraged to explore and discuss these issues together and with their Teachers. We also have a range of specialist visitors who come into school to deliver workshops on specific topics e.g. School Nurse, NSPCC, Social Workers and the Emergency Services.


Assemblies and theme days provide rich opportunities to explore themes in greater depth and really raise awareness of specific topics e.g. Safer internet day.


As a school we are always refining, reflecting and developing new innovative ways to ensure children are always kept up to date with the latest safeguarding concerns and how to keep themselves safe.

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