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Home Learning


We will be using an online program called Seesaw for our remote learning for all year groups. Parents can use this page as a guide on how to access to access their child's lessons.

What is Home Learning Code?

1. You child's teacher will have given you a blue letter containing a 16-letter code. This code is used to access your child's Seesaw account.

2. If you have not yet received your code, please contact school and provide details about your child and which class they are in.

How Do Students Use Their Home Learning Code?
1. Students search the web for 'Seesaw' on the computer. Or install the Seesaw Class App on an iOS or Android device.








2. Students tap “I’m a Student”.








3. Students type in their text code to access their Seesaw account.




How Do Students Complete Work?

1. Your child will receive notifications (if they are using the app) when lessons go live.

2. You can look at the activity with your child and then respond to the lessons.

3. If your child is isolating but is well enough to access the lessons, it is expected that work will be completed on a daily basis.

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