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Online Safety

The Internet is a wonderful place to play and learn! From education and exciting games, to live video chat with relatives on the other side of the world, the Internet is an incredible tool that we can use at home, on the go and in school. 

However, especially during Covid lockdowns, the amount of time we spend looking at screens has increased dramatically. In a lot of cases, this has led to "Screen Addiction" without us even realising it. For more detailed information, please visit the Renaissance Place website by clicking HERE. We've also included a video below that some parents may find useful to watch with their children.

How to Not be a Screen Addict

How to Not be a Screen Addict

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Social Media Guides​

We've put together some of the most popular parent guides from the good people at the 'National Online Safety' group all about social media. Please have a read below. If you ever need any help or want to talk about managing your child's use of social, please come and see us in school.

It can also be a dangerous place for young people. As well as physical dangers that may arise from sharing personal details on the Internet, your child’s mental health is also at risk. 

The following links are full of helpful information for parents and provide lots of advice that cover all aspects of the Internet. 

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