Curriculum For Life is a group of selected children across Key Stage 2 who work with Mrs Robinson three times a week learning different life skills. Curriculum For Life has it’s own tailor-made curriculum where the children learn different skills that they wouldn’t ordinarily learn within a classroom environment. This is a unique project which only 30 different schools and settings across Manchester are developing.

Curriculum for Life









The Curriculum itself is broken up into 5 important skills; Communication, Self-Belief, Self-Management, Teamwork and Problems solving.  These children have learnt a lot of different life skills through this programme and these are only a handful of them:

•Learning simple sign language.

•Understanding of what the different skills mean and require.

•Real life experience through out-of-school-trips like the farm visits, Wheelers and ice skating.

•Confidence building, including speaking in front of an audience, writing letters and emails to providers etc.

•Cooperating and supporting each other through challenges and discussing how they can change/develop things around us.



In addition, these activities constantly promote the development of self esteem, stress/anxiety reduction, positive behaviours for learning, social skills and managing emotions.