Autism affects everyone in different ways, so it's hard to generalise about people's experiences. Some people with autism live relatively independent lives but others may need a lifetime of specialist support.

You'll find plenty of information on The National Autistic Society website, including more about autismAsperger syndrome, and diagnosis

Much of the information in the Living with autism section is aimed at parents and is full of practical advice, ideas and further contacts.

If you'd like to talk to someone, they have an online community which is open to parents and carers as well as a confidential Parent to Parent telephone service. And, with 100 local branches currently running, you should be able to find other people you can make contact with in your area. 

A day in the life...



Aggression when TV schedule changes

Suggestions for dealing with someone with autism who gets aggressive if the schedule changes.


Anxiety during break and lunch times at school.

An explanation of why break and lunch times are difficult for children with autism and some things you can do to help.


Any tips on teaching my son self-help skills?

Tips on teaching your child self-help skills such as washing and getting dressed in the morning.


Challenging behaviour during transition times

Advice on how to help someone with autism to manage transition between different activities.


Different behaviour between school and home

Some possible reasons for a difference in behaviour at school and at home, and suggestions for dealing with this.


Difficulty getting my son to do his homework

Advice on why a child with autism might find homework difficult and strategies for helping your child get it done.


I find it difficult to motivate my 24-year-old son

Some advice on how you can help an adult with autism to get more active and motivated.


My adult son does not like to wash himself

Guidance on helping an adult with autism to wash themselves and to manage their personal hygiene.


My daughter is prone to aggressive behaviour

Possible explanations for aggressive behaviour in children with autism and some strategies for dealing with it.


My daughter likes to chew on pebbles

Advice on what to do when a child with autism likes chewing on inedible things.


My daughter reacts badly when we say no

Suggestions for what to do if a child with autism doesn't like you saying 'no'.


My son has begun to bite me and my husband

Some suggestions for dealing with a child who is biting him/herself or other people.


My son has little awareness of danger

An explanation of why a child with autism may do dangerous things and suggestions for how to deal with it.


My son is anxious about moving to secondary school

Advice on making the move from primary to secondary school as smooth as possible for a child with autism.


My son is targetting certain staff at his home

Suggestions for dealing with a situation where your child does not like a particular member of staff.


My son will hug strangers in the street

Some advice on how you can help a child with autism to learn appropriate body contact with different people.


My son's behaviour has suddenly changed

If there has been any sudden change in behaviour, we always recommend arranging a medical check-up for your child.

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