Art Therapy







What is Art Therapy?

The aim of Art Therapy is to help your child think about their thoughts and feelings in a safe way with help from Dave, the Art Therapist. When children find it difficult to talk about their thoughts and feelings, it can affect the work that they do in the class room. By using different art materials to make art, your child may find it easier to communicate without words to describe how they feel. The art work can then be used as a starting point to talkabout how your child may be feeling. This can help your child grow and change in a positive way. Your child does not have to be good at art to take part and Art Therapy is not a punishment or a reward.


What happens in Art Therapy?

Dave, the Art Therapist, may give a theme to the sessions or your child may be free to make anything they wish. There will be a range of art materials to choose from including paints, oil pastels, coloured pencils, felt tips, collage materials and clay. Your child will spend some time using the art materials to make art and some time will be spent thiking and talking about the art work. This may help your child understand how they feel and why they feel this way.


Is Art Therapy Private?

Yes, your child's art work will be kept safely by Dave until all the sessions have finished. What your child talks about in Art Therpay is private. However, if Dave is concerned that your child or someone else may be at risk, he will discuss this with key members of the school team. Dave will talk to your child about this first. As an Art Therapist, Dave will have regular supervision where he will talk about what happens in the sessions with his supervisor. This is to make sure that your child's needs are being met.


How Can Parents Help?

You can help your child by making sure that they attend school every day, especially on the day the Art Therapy sessions are taking place. Your child is free to talk about what happens in the Art Therapy sessions but only if they want to - try not to pressure them into talking about it. Your support will help your child greatly. Please let Dave know about any changes in your child's life and please feel free to get in touch if you have any concerns.



"Hello, my name is Dave and I am an art therapist working at Armitage Primary School. If you are struggling with feelings or emotions that are difficult to understand, then art therapy might help you. Using the art materials can be a good way of trying to work out what is going on and we can use the art work you make to think and talk about your experiences, which may change the way you feel."